2020 Global Responsibility Report

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Global Payments’ commitment to drive positive change across our four Global Responsibility pillars of Culture and Values, Environmental Sustainability, Community Impact and Corporate Responsibility has never been more evident than it is today.

I am proud of the great progress we are making as we evolve the Global Responsibility efforts detailed in our 2020 report. Looking ahead, the pace at which technology is transforming our industry is only accelerating, and we believe that we are at the forefront of leading that change. We are committed to ensuring we maintain our innovation leadership, so that we continue to drive positive change to the benefit of our people, our customers and our communities around the world.

Jeff Sloan
Chief Executive Officer

Culture and Values

At Global Payments, we have local sales offices as well as operational and support resources across 38 countries and over 16 native languages worldwide. Our ability to enable local and multinational solutions for our customers in more than 100 countries is critical, and we believe having our people reflect the diversity of the markets we serve is key to our success. We are focused on increasing diversity across our organization, particularly in leadership roles.

Environmental Sustainability

Global Payments is focused on minimizing our environmental footprint. We have prioritized areas where we believe we can make the most meaningful contribution, which includes managing our energy consumption, limiting waste and conserving water across our facilities and data spaces globally. The vast majority of our office properties and data spaces are leased. However, we can still have a significant environmental impact. We have many initiatives in place today and are focused on identifying additional ways to conserve around the world. In addition to our own efforts, we are committed to assessing the policies and practices of our existing and potential vendors and suppliers on environmental stewardship.

Community Impact

At Global Payments, we demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of others. As a member of the global business community, corporate citizenship is fundamental to our values and who we are. We take action around the world to create change by offering our time, services and financial assistance to those in need.

Global Payments’ philanthropic efforts are focused on financial literacy, health, education and disaster relief. We believe that by supporting these common societal issues and concerns, we will be able to help individuals, businesses and communities overcome barriers to economic growth. We support a variety of organizations and programs that help create and sustain commerce around the world, helping to achieve positive economic outcomes wherever we may live or work.

Corporate Responsibility

We have adopted leading governance practices that establish strong independent leadership in our boardroom and provide our shareholders with meaningful rights. Following our merger with TSYS and engagement with our shareholders, and keeping abreast of leading practices, we declassified our board and implemented annual election of directors, appointed a lead independent director of the board and established a number of diversity initiatives to increase representation of diverse individuals in the company and support and elevate our diverse employees. We also eliminated supermajority voting requirements, increased gender and overall diversity of the board and increased stock ownership requirements for named executive officers and directors.