2020 was an incredible year of challenge and change and I am truly grateful for the tireless efforts of our nearly 24,000 team members for their unwavering commitment to our customers during this trying time. I’ve seen so much strength and perseverance within our Global Payments family, and together we exited 2020 in a better position than we entered it. And in 2021, we are continuing to move our business forward while adapting to new ways of working with efficiency and understanding. We are setting ambitious goals rooted in our core values that outline how we hold ourselves accountable, measure progress and define our success. We remain focused on driving positive change across our four Global Responsibility pillars of Culture & Values, Environmental Sustainability, Community Impact and Corporate Responsibility.

I am proud of all that we achieved as we evolve our initiatives detailed in this report. Our culture matters, our values matter, and our ability to provide our customers with innovation that delivers depends on both.


Jeff Sloan
Chief Executive Officer

Culture and Values

At Global Payments, it all starts with our people, which is why People Who Make a Difference is placed at the very top of our value wheel. We pride ourselves on inclusiveness and embrace the diversity of our team members in all of our geographies. We currently do business in over 100 countries around the world, with team members living and working in 38 of them. We believe that our business is strengthened by a diverse workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. We have established concrete goals that support our work toward ensuring an inclusive, equitable and diverse organization.

Environmental Sustainability

Global Payments is focused on minimizing our environmental footprint. We have prioritized areas where we believe we can make the most meaningful contribution, which includes managing our energy consumption, limiting waste and conserving water across our facilities and data spaces globally. The vast majority of our office properties and data spaces are leased. However, we can still have a significant environmental impact. We have many initiatives in place today and are focused on identifying additional ways to conserve around the world. In addition to our own efforts, we are committed to assessing the policies and practices of our existing and potential vendors and suppliers on environmental stewardship.

Community Impact

At Global Payments, we demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of others and the communities in which we live and work. As a member of the global business community, corporate citizenship is fundamental to our values and who we are. We take action around the world to create change by offering our time, services and financial assistance to those in need.

Global Payments’ philanthropic efforts are focused on health and wellness, education, social equity and financial literacy. We believe that by supporting these common societal issues and concerns, we will be able to help individuals, businesses and communities overcome barriers to economic growth. We support a variety of organizations and programs that help create and sustain commerce around the world, helping to achieve positive economic outcomes wherever we may live or work.

Corporate Responsibility

Global Payments has adopted leading governance practices that establish strong independent leadership in our boardroom and provide our shareholders with meaningful rights. Every day we work to fulfill our mission by delivering innovative solutions to help our clients drive commerce and better serve their customers. To do so, all team members must act ethically, with fairness and integrity. We hold our people to the highest standards as outlined in our Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics, and we run our business using these policies as our primary guide. All company employees receive annual training to help us mitigate risk and reinforce our values.